The £150 Challenge Day 28 – So close…!

Yes. So near and yet so far. But I’m happy :-). I needed to get detergents for the cleaners at the beginning of the week and post a parcel today. I had also run out of the following items: Butter, milk (was on powdered for parts of the month), toilet roll (ran very low today), olive oil, honey, bread, clothes washing detergent, cheese and other bits and pieces.


So I went out and got a shop in. However this month taught me to shop differently. I bought what I’d run out of which was done before but there was a lot more “need” than “want” behind it. A guilt-free £40 was spent

I did go back to my wheat-free bread as I purchased cheap bread on the challenge and my digestive system suffered. Also I’m back on dairy free milk for a while as I noticed a difference there too.

Things I missed: Bananas, cucumbers, tomatoes, coleslaw, butter, honey, muesli, proper bread, grapes, mixed plain nuts. Lots of other cravings came back but I had to be strong (sushi!!)

I couldn’t go by without noticing an exceedingly good bargain though…;-)


I know, the additives, but it’s the simple things…

So I want to keep doing this if I can. Every month will have its challenges although not every month will have three weddings! Hopefully with my two enterprises I will be telling a different story.

Talking of which – this week I’ve been busy with finishing of the dog blanket and continuing with the cowl scarves.


I’ve now finished the blanket and have started the second cowl scarf. That deep blue colour is gorgeous! I’ll post the work in progress on my Facebook page when I get a chance.

Bye for now 🙂

The £150 Challenge Day 20

Over the weekend I went to another amazing wedding. Very different from the previous one but equally as good. There was camping in a field, lots of laughter and fun in the sun.


This week some Makedovintage orders have come in. One for a dog blanket for a cute little pooch…


So I’ve been thundering on with that. I’ve also been asked to do 2 or 3 more chunky cowl scarves. That will be keeping me busy too.


Money has been spent on bits and pieces but now this is where the challenge is getting exciting/interesting.  Yes!! Apart from the £20 for the cleaners next Tuesday, this is how much I have left in my purse…


£4.34. Whoop! I’m so excited. I shall blog any challenges as I go.

£150 challenge – Day 13

I’ve just had one happy hectic weekend. A fabulous wedding on Friday, a conference and catchup with friends on Saturday and a meal for my Mums birthday on Sunday.


I had the cleaners on Tuesday and a Forever Product Party. That was a lovely evening with so much fun! 🙂


But what does this all mean as far as my challenge is concerned? Well it was hard to keep a hold of the purse strings as you can imagine! Altogether £60 has left me since Friday: £20 for the weekend, £20 for the cleaners, £10 taxi to the Product Party and £10 to live on this week.

This leaves me £60 to live on ’til the end of the month. I have two Tuesdays left for the cleaners to come so that’s £40 which leaves £20. Easy? Well I have another wedding this weekend in Bristol! I shall report back then 🙂

The August Challenge Day 4

Up and running and already I didn’t expect excitement! Went out for a pint of milk and a loaf of bread and found this!


Yes! Five 20p quiches and some greatly reduced Finest Burgers. I could have spent £14 but this lot was £2.47. I had one of the Quiches tonight and they we very tasty indeed.

To sum up, I had to send an Ebay package off and with the other items my £10 note disappeared very quickly. The cleaners came today so that was another £20 leaving me £120.

The other day when I had no milk in the house I tried an experiment. Tea without milk but very weak. I hate black tea because it’s too bitter for me so I tried hot water first and dipped the teabag in a few times just to colour it. Not bad! I enjoyed it! Might save me milk money through August if I’m pushed. 🙂



The August Challenge :-)

Yes! I’ve had a bit of an absence for various reasons M.E. blips, the fact that it suddenly got really busy with crochet!!




Well…you get the idea!! And then when a friend with Fibromyalgia and M.E. contacted me to say that she had been feeling much better since drinking aloe vera and taking bee pollen. I did the same. I was so tired of being unwell and not doing stuff. Within 4 weeks I felt an improvement! Like I had 30% battery back. So – to get some more money in (now I have more energy!) I’ve now become a business owner under Forever Living Products. My life has changed in 4 months! I totally love it.
So anyway I’ve got that going in a separate bank account bubbling nicely but I need to sort out my main account. Thankfully I sold a camera lens yesterday for £150. So this is my August challenge. £150 without touching my bank account. Easy yes? Well £80 of that will go my cleaners. (Yes I still have M.E. I haven’t been cured :-P) and the rest will be mine. No debit card allowed. £70 for August. With £10 as emergency funds that’s  £15 a week. It should be ok. I would love to add some money to that £10 and stretch another week. Check in to see how I do along with other musings now that I’m spinning several plates in my life with a lot more energy. Back soon MDV x



This week I’m scheduling to finish this second cushion cover before going on to do another major project. A commission to do some letter bunting! Some major background research work on sizings and colours has been going on. It’s very exciting 🙂


In the meantime I’ve been looking at designing patterns too and getting some vintage colours to inspire me. These were on offer in Hobbycraft.


More in my next blog. 🙂

40 Simple Ways to Practice Kindness

Hello, I’ve just stumbled across this blog on Facebook. It makes an awesome and challenging read. Have a great day. X

Kindness Blog

kindness image - figure spreading hearts

40 Simple Ways to Practice Kindness

by Mike O’Connor

  1. Smiles are irresistible. Don’t hesitate to smile warmly at friends, family, colleagues and even…strangers.
  2. Write hand-written thank-you notes. The notes don’t need to be an essay and people love to receive them. It’s the personal touch.
  3. If you use public transport, it’s busy and there are no free seats, be the first to stand-up and let a weary traveller, pregnant woman or elderly person take rest.
  4. Pay it forward – When you are in a coffee shop or café , maybe you could buy a coffee or cake in advance for the next customer that comes in. How tasty! Imagine what a sweet surprise that person will get when they discover that a kind stranger has paid it forward for them.
  5. When you see a homeless person, think about how you might be able to help them in some way…

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